This site deals with a massive government sponsored conspiracy within the United States of America and against Jesus Alberto Cabal Reyes, a Colombian citizen. The conspiracy at issue has lasted more than three decades and was started by former President Ronald Reagan in the early nineteen eighties under the purported excuse of “Protecting the National Security of the United States”. Throughout the years such confederacy has been kept in the dark from the world´s opinion via disinformation and manipulation of the news media not only in the U.S.A, but also abroad. During the year of 2001 the confederacy was aggravated by the ruthless and lawless actions of President George Bush Jr. and other members of his Administration who in an attempt to either expel Mr. Cabal from the United States or to cause him physical harm did frame him in the state of Texas with a crime he did not commit. The “direct and circumstantial evidence” gathered so far in this case points out in that direction without a doubt. The purpose of this web site is to allow Jesus Alberto Cabal´s side of the story to be told after more than 30 years of a strict censorship on the matter.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

A call to all reasonable people in the country.

It is quite evident that Bush is corrupt and incompetent, plus appears to be unstable as well. He is dangerous to have as President of the United States because in the long run it will be American citizens who will end up paying the price for all his irrational decisions.

Folks make no mistake, his lack of intelligence and poor domestic and international policies did cause the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the people of the United States have no one else to blame but George Bush himself !! Without Bush “September 11” had never, ever, taken place. It is as simple as that.

I was framed in Texas during the year of 2001 and the evidence does show that Bush and some of his thugs were behind it. I was later convicted for a crime that I did not commit under a clearly unconstitutional statute which deprives the accused of his most basic legal rights. Although the case is presently at the appeallate level, I do consider myself living proof of the corrupt and incompetent policies of this man.

Unfortunately, no one in the news media within the U.S seems to have the nerve to expose his domestic atrocities. How can anyone be tried in secrecy in the United States and no body come forward to expose such??? How can censorship imposed by Federal officials last 22 years in spite of a man´s cry for help?? How can allegations and overwhelming evidence of foul play at the hands of high ranking Federal officials be overlooked by the news media who has chosen to look the other way??

If re-elected, the odds are very high that George Bush will be impeached..... Perhaps that will be his role in history!