This site deals with a massive government sponsored conspiracy within the United States of America and against Jesus Alberto Cabal Reyes, a Colombian citizen. The conspiracy at issue has lasted more than three decades and was started by former President Ronald Reagan in the early nineteen eighties under the purported excuse of “Protecting the National Security of the United States”. Throughout the years such confederacy has been kept in the dark from the world´s opinion via disinformation and manipulation of the news media not only in the U.S.A, but also abroad. During the year of 2001 the confederacy was aggravated by the ruthless and lawless actions of President George Bush Jr. and other members of his Administration who in an attempt to either expel Mr. Cabal from the United States or to cause him physical harm did frame him in the state of Texas with a crime he did not commit. The “direct and circumstantial evidence” gathered so far in this case points out in that direction without a doubt. The purpose of this web site is to allow Jesus Alberto Cabal´s side of the story to be told after more than 30 years of a strict censorship on the matter.

Friday, June 11, 2021


For those interested in learning the details of this massive conspiracy, the book “Terrorized, a true story” is now on sale at "AMAZON”. This book is six hundred and thirty (630) pages long, and approximately one hundred (100) pages are Exhibits, or evidence that overwhelmingly prove the conspiracy at issue.
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Monday, January 25, 2021

A very reasonable question one should be asking is whether the contents of these two letters plus other documents sent to "CBS", and "USA-TODAY” by Jesus Alberto Cabal during the late nineteen eighties laid out the grounds for "Executive Revenge" against him by Mr. George Bush Jr., and action which culminated with the "fabrication" of a sexual assault case in the state of Texas. The irony of such case was that Mr. Cabal who was the true victim in the whole incident was made out to be the wrong doer.

Sunday, December 13, 2020


The book “Terrorized” sets forth a massive and ruthless conspiracy by United States’ government officials against Jesus Alberto Cabal Reyes since the early nineteen eighties, compounded by a strict censorship that has prevailed up to the present days.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Argument supporting the fact that Mr. "George.W. Bush" himself led the Texas frame up of the year 2001 against Jesus. A. Cabal in furtherance of a conspiracy.

The testimony given during the trial plus the entire record in the alleged rape case against Mr. Cabal does show that Texas law enforcement officials manipulated the two "young female thugs" to get Jesus Alberto Cabal in legal trouble, most likely following orders that came all the way from the White House. As further evidence of the conspiracy it has to be told that:

A. Jesus Alberto Cabal had been kept under 24-hour surveillance by at least the F.B.I since early 1982, which means that federal officials did know for a fact that the "young female thugs" had told him that they were "19 and 20 years old", that they wanted Mr. Cabal to buy them drugs (which he did not do), and also that they were "hookers" since this is what they stated in the living room of Mr. Cabal´s house.
B. Federal officials could have told Texas officials, at least, that to charge Mr. Cabal with "aggravated sexual assault" would be far from the truth since they knew exactly what had happened inside of Mr. Cabal´s house.
C. Mr. Cabal was already a political prisoner whose rights had been suspended via Executive Orders issued by Mr. Reagan in the early eighties denying him the right to receive compensation from his law suits filed in Federal Courts. In other words, President Reagan had literally removed him from the jurisdiction of the federal court system, and this is corroborated by the fact that the United States Supreme Court refused to hear Mr. Cabal´s challenge to the constitutionality of the Texas statute invoked to prosecute him. The Supreme Court disregarded the fact that most criminal lawyers in Texas do consider the law at issue "as unconstitutional", and as the equivalent to a "Bill of Attainder". Mr. Bush should have known that!
D. In the United States Federal law supersedes state law, thus, if the legal rights of Jesus Alberto Cabal had been suspended via Executive Order since the year of 1982, then the state of Texas did not have the authority to prosecute him since "the moneys or "assets" which have been literally "frozen" by the Federal government from Mr. Cabal were needed and essential in his defense from the state charges". Mr. Bush and his legal counsels should have known that as well!
E. Moreover, President Bush was out to get Mr. Cabal as follows:
1. Jesus Alberto Cabal was a resident of The United States for almost 30 years, and he had never been accused of any crimes in any state previous to the alleged "rape" charges filed in Texas. It is too much of a coincidence that the charges were filed in a state where Mr. Bush had been the governor just a few months earlier
2. The alleged rape charge against Mr. Cabal was assigned to purportedly the "most conservative judge in the state of Texas" according with the many lawyers who talked to Mr. Cabal in this regard. As a matter of fact, most lawyers as soon as they found out that the case had been assigned to judge Peschall used to say: "To be honest with you Mr. Cabal, your chances of prevailing on the merits with this judge on the bench are almost zero". Moreover, the entire proceedings plus the trial of the case were conducted under a strict censorship prohibiting the general public and the news media from having access to the facts of the case. This was done perhaps to ensure that Mr. Cabal could not have a chance to prevail on the merits.
3. Almost all the law suits that Jesus Alberto Cabal filed in federal courts since the year of 1982 were filed in the state of "Missouri"; when Mr. Bush was elected the first thing he did was to name as U.S Attorney General a Mr. John Ashcroft who was a former governor of "Missouri", and whose office Mr. Cabal had contacted on several occasions during the 1980s seeking help in his civil law suits. Mr Ashcroft was not precisely known as a great legal mind.
4. After taking office Mr. Bush also named as White House counsel a Hispanic lawyer with the name of "Alberto Gonzales" who had been born in the metro area where the events took place (San Antonio). What a coincidence that Mr. Cabal´s middle name is also "Alberto". In fact, the closest town to the city in which he lived in Texas just before being charged with the "alleged rape" was known as "Gonzales".
5. Additionally, the two letters from "CBS" and "USA TODAY" dated March, and November of 1988, and attached to this Web Site as "Exhibits" might very well indicate that Mr. Bush´s actions were not only in furtherance of a conspiracy, but also an act of "personal revenge" as a result of Jesus Cabal´s past comments and law suits involving his own father, the former President George H.W. Bush.

Now. Is all of this coincidence? Not quite. This is direct evidence (not circumstantial), that Mr. Bush was sending out the message to Mr. Cabal "I am out to get you!, and folks...He really did!".

Thursday, December 30, 2004

A prejudiced Federal Judge?

This is a letter mailed to Mr. Cabal in 1983 by New Jersey´s U.S. District Judge Perretti in which she refused to appoint him an attorney to represent him on the grounds that retaliation claims are easy to prove without a lawyer. The irony of her statements is that thereafter the judge denied most of Mr. Cabal´s petitions or "Motions" filed with the court. In fact, the second paragraph of the letter shows that the judge had been prejudiced against Jesus Alberto Cabal, or perhaps ordered by high ranking officials of the Reagan-Bush Administration to deny him a fair trial.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Another prejudiced Federal Judge?

This is page #12 of an order issued by Federal Judge Perry from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. In such order the judge does refer to the evidence presented to the court by Mr. Cabal as nothing else than a "Patchwork of Coincidences", and thereafter dismissed his claim going as far as imposing fines on Mr. Cabal in an attempt to intimidate him. The irony about her statement is that Rule 56 of the Federal Rules which governs matters dealing with summary judgment literally prohibits any judge to dismiss a law suit in which there is such a "Patchwork of Coincidences". In fact, the law on the issue clearly compels federal judges acting under similar circumstances to allow the matter to proceed to a trial before an impartial jury for proper disposition of the claim, something that Judge Perry refused to do. The same Judge also refused Mr. Cabal´s request that the news media be allowed to openly report the proceedings to the public as to ensure transparency. The conduct of the judge can not be explained in any rational manner other than she had been instructed by high government officials in the United States to deny due process of law to Mr. Cabal.

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This letter was issued by a division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C during the year of 1988 following a request by Mr. Cabal under the "Freedom of Information Act". As shown, the government´s response is another example of the constant denials to produce relevant documents, and thereafter of the F.B.I/C.I.A´s attempts to thwart Jesus Alberto Cabal´s legitimate search for documents which have been classified as Top Secret under the purported excuse of protecting the National Security of The United States. However, the facts of the case do reveal that such "classification" has been an attempt to cover up wrong doing by the Reagan and Bush Administrations.

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This is page #11 of the sworn deposition given by a Mr. Dave Trattles from Tetraplastics, Inc. in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. As clearly shown, Mr. Trattles unequivocally states that Jesus Alberto Cabal was a responsible employee who treated his co-workers with respect when he was employed by "Tetraplastics" during the early nineties.

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Monday, December 13, 2004


The photograph in the middle was published on the cover of "Alternative Media" during the spring of 1984. Such was the year when lots of rumors were flying everywhere within the United States about President Ronal Reagan suppressing Jesus Alberto Cabal´s legal rights within the country via a "Top Secret" Executive Order.


Is this classified published by "The Nation" just innuendo or a very well known fact of Presidential wrong doing against Mr. Cabal? Posted by Hello

Letter of recommendation from Daley International, Inc.


Two (2) Letters of recommendation from Stellar Chemical, Inc.


Letter of recommendation from Mallinckrodt, Inc.


Two (2) Letters of Appraisal from Calgon-Vestal. Inc.


Letter of Recommendation from C.D.I, Inc.


Monday, December 06, 2004

This is page # 12 of a Mr. Robert Page´s sworn deposition in which he clearly states that Jesus Alberto Cabal was indeed a good employee when he was employed by "Tetraplastics, Inc" from Saint Louis, Missouri. "Tetraplastics" was another company which retaliated against Mr. Cabal apparently encouraged to do so by agents of the F.B.I and the I.N.S which were trying to force him out of the United States by any means lawful or unlawful.
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This is page # 13 of the deposition given by Mr. Robert Page in which he clearly states that Jesus Alberto Cabal was in fact a responsible employee and respectful of his co-workers when employed by "Tetraplastics" in Saint Louis, Missouri. Posted by Hello


This is Form EEO-1 submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by employer "Envirodyne Engineers, Inc." from Saint Louis, Missouri during the early eighties. As clearly shown, "Envirodyne Engineers" did not have any employees of Hispanic origin within its workforce at the time when Jesus Alberto Cabal alleges he was discriminated against. Such fact proves beyond a reasonable doubt not only Mr. Cabal´s allegations of abuse and discrimination, but also Mr. Myers´ testimony that there was indeed prejudice against people of Hispanic heritage within this company.
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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Unrefutable evidence of employment retaliation!

This is overwhelming evidence of harassment and victimization (retaliation) against Mr. Cabal when he was employed by "Private Label Cosmetics" in New Jersey. If in fact he was never harassed or intimidated, why did the employer want to compel Mr. Cabal to sign a statement indicating that purportedly the harassment and abuse against him had been stopped?

Mr. Cabal declined to sign such because the harassment was never stopped. Posted by Hello

Compelling evidence of Mr. Cabal´s habilities and qualifications to do his job was given during the year of 1982 when Envirodyne Engineers´ attorney, a Mr. Jay Schiller, clearly stated Envirodyne´s willingness to re-hire Mr. Cabal at a later date.
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This is page 158 of Mr. Paul Myers´ deposition in which he clearly states that a senior employee of Envirodyne Engineers, Inc., had told him that he was prejudiced against people of Hispanic heritage before Mr. Cabal had joined "Envirodyne" as an employee. Posted by Hello

Page 1 of the Deposition given by a Mr. Paul Myers from Envirodyne Engineers, Inc., who during the year of 1984 gave compelling evidence indicating that there was racial prejudice against Mr. Cabal when he was employed at such company in Saint Louis, Missouri. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 29, 2004


Jesus Alberto Cabal Reyes was born on June 19, 1956 in Colombia, South America, country where he acquired his high school education. In 1980 he graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Chemistry, and during the eighties and nineties Jesus Alberto was mainly employed as a Process Chemistby several chemical companies in the United States some of which gave him excellent letters of recommendation during and after his services. (Some of those Exhibits do appear in this web page).
Upon knowledge and belief during the year of 1983 former president Ronald.W. Reagan did issue an “Executive Order” suspending his constitutional rights within the United States after Jesus Alberto filed employment discrimination, retaliation, and defamation charges against two (2) previous employers. All seems to indicate that the goal of such action was to ensure that he could not recover monetary damages he had sought in compensation from said employers.

It is his understanding that the facts surrounding such presidential action are “classified” under U.S National Security statutes, most likely to cover up wrong doing. Oral evidence that Executive Orders were in fact issued was given to Mr. Cabal in several states of the Union by different people whom he met throughout the years, and who did not know each other. Those individuals told him basically the same story in regard to a presidential intervention aimed at suppressing his legal rights within the United States ensuring that he was deprived of “Due Process of Law”, and thereafter of the possibility to vindicate his good name and to recover monetary damages for his injuries.

Within this Web Page there is at least one (1) Exhibit showing details which tend to corroborate the fact that Mr. Ronald Reagan indeed issued such order. Moreover, the “strict censorship” surrounding all the litigation that Jesus Alberto filed in U.S Courts from the year of 1982 throughout2020, do validate this fact for the simple reason that the evidence that Mr. Cabal presented to the courts was overwhelming to support his claims of “employment discrimination”, “conspiracy”, and “retaliation”, among others. Thus, Federal Judges could not possibly have ignored the facts, or the overwhelming evidence backing up the law suits as was done in Mr. Cabal´s case; nor could those judges have compelled the news media to shut up and look the other way while this outrageous violation of human rights took place.

The truth of the matter is that only the President of The United States could have dared to take decisions of this nature, and no one else.

During the year of 2001 in the state of Texas two young “female thugs” victimized Mr. Cabal after lying to him about their true identities, and thereafter stole from him an automobile that he had acquired the day before. In spite of the fact that Jesus Alberto had no criminal record whatsoever, and that the evidence (and their own confessions) showed that the young female thugs had committed crimes in the past including but not limited to: Auto theft, shop lifting, prostitution, and drug abuse; he was charged with the alleged “aggravated sexual assault of a child”.
Later on, during the trial of the case the judge and the prosecutor would tell the jury that Mr. Cabal had to be convicted regardless, because (purportedly) under the Texas law invoked to prosecute him “the facts of the case did not matter”, not even the fact that Mr. Cabal was a legally blind person.
Since the year of 1989 some of Jesus Alberto´s writings have been published in “The National Poetry Anthology”; “The Poetry Center ”; “The Michigan-Iliad Press”; “The American Poetry Anthology”, and “The Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum”.
Jesus Alberto Cabal also wrote a 630-page book entitled Terrorized, a true story, which deals with the conspiracy at issue from 1981 throughout 2018. Unfortunately, no publishing houses in the United States have been willing to print it.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

MORE EVIDENCE OF PREJUDICE AGAINST HISPANICS. This is one of the pages of a deposition given by Supervisor Mr. P. Humburg from "Envirodyne Engineers" in Saint Louis, Missouri, stating under oath that in his past he did have a traumatic experience with some individuals of Mexican origin, which apparently had turned into a dislike for people of Hispanic heritage at some point in his life.